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IUCAB Code of Ethics

  1. Commercial agents shall always act in accordance with the principles of good faith and fair dealing towards both their principals, customers and other commercial agents.
  2. Commercial agents shall constantly strive to establish long lasting business relationships between their principals and customers.
  3. Commercial agents shall constantly strive to safeguard the image of the principal towards the market.
  4. Commercial agents shall ensure that the best possible level of communication and understanding is attained between their principals and customers.
  5. Commercial agents shall never make warranties in excess of the warranties given by the principal.
  6. Commercial agents shall avoid any form of misrepresentation.
  7. Commercial agents shall not represent directly competing products or services where this would be inconsistent with their duties towards their principals.
  8. Commercial agents shall recognize their business activities as an imperative part of the sales organization of their principal.
  9. Commercial agents shall constantly safeguard and improve the image of the commercial agency profession.

The IUCAB member associations are asked to invite their members to comply with the above ethical standards as recommended by IUCAB.