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IUCAB - George Hayward Award

The IUCAB International Agent of the Year "George Hayward Award" was created by the Executive Committee of IUCAB following the passing away in May 2009 of Mr. George Hayward, the first elected US Vice President of IUCAB.

Mr. Hayward was the founder of United Sales Associates, an agency business firm in the safety/industrial market place which he started in 1982, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He was the recipient of dozens of Awards and recognition for outstanding service by the many associations in which he participated. He gave much of his heart, time and friendship to everyone in our profession and was one of the most involved and engaged agents, doing so selflessly.
George Hayward Award 2010 - Peter Massey
Nomination forms for the second IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award” will be sent to the national member associations of IUCAB soon.

Each national association will be requested to select a nominee among their own membership and return a duly completed nomination form to the IUCAB Secretariat prior to the spring meeting of the Executive Committee of IUCAB. The Executive Committee of IUCAB will select the winner of next year’s Award from all nominations received from the national member associations.

Winner 2016

Mr. R. Scholz, Mr. W. Dittmann, Mr. E. Döpfer
On Friday 26 February 2016, the Executive Committee (ExCom) of IUCAB had its spring meeting in Lyon, France. One of the items on the agenda was the selection of the winner of the IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award” 2016.

Various forms have been received from the IUCAB Member Associations and votes were cast by the Members of the IUCAB ExCom at the meeting in Lyon. It has been a very close race between the various nominees. The winner of the 7th George Hayward Award is Mr. Walter Dittmann, Director and owner of Diwa Sweet.

Mr. Dittmann has been chosen for several reasons. He is very successful with a young company resulting in a steady growth of the company earnings. Moreover Mr. Dittmann delivers additional commercial services and invests in the employees who are obviously part of his success.

IUCAB wishes Mr. Dittmann all the best and ongoing success with his company! He received the Award during the Delegates Meeting which took place in May 2016, Malaga, Spain.

Winner 2015

Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, Mr. Xavier Mailfert
On Friday 13 March 2015, the IUCAB Executive Committee (ExCom) had its spring meeting in Oslo, Norway. After careful examination and consideration of the various forms received from the IUCAB Member Associations, the 6th George Hayward Award was won by Mr. Xavier Mailfert, director and owner of Prodium.

Mr. Mailfert had been chosen because he is a commercial agent who has been able to grow his commercial line in the past three years. The fields of business Mr. Mailfert is working in are: industry, metallurgy, plastics and electronics. Mr. Mailfert has invested in training and marketing which has resulted in being such a successful agent.

The George Hayward Award has been handed over during the IUCAB Delegates Meeting and Congress which took place in Warsaw, Poland on 14, 15 and 16 May 2015.

IUCAB congratulates Mr. Mailfert and wish him a prosperous future!

Winner 2014

Mrs. Jasna Triller, Mr. Olivier Mazoyer
In March 2014, the Executive Committee (ExCom) of IUCAB came together in St. Albans, United Kingdom. During the meeting ExCom selected the winner of the George Hayward Award out of various candidates from different IUCAB Member Associations.

During the 61st IUCAB Delegates Meeting which was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia this year, the 5th George Hayward Award was handed out to Mrs. Jasna Triller, Director and owner of IDentiks Card Systems ( by Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, IUCAB’s new President who was elected at the same meeting.

The core business of Mrs. Triller consists of identification solutions and ID cards (PVC cards, USB keys, ID accessories, PVC card accessories). Mrs. Triller also works for foreign principles from the countries Croatia, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia. Mrs. Triller had been chosen especially since she has been able to expand her business steadily during the economic recession.
IUCAB congratulates Mrs. Triller with the company’s achievements.

Winner 2013

Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, Mrs. Helena Waker
The George Hayward Award 2013 was won by Mr. Philip Hallerfelt, Member of IUCAB’s Swedish Member Association SAA.

The Award was presented to Mrs. Helena Waker, CEO of the SAA, by IUCAB Vice President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer. The presentation took place at this year’s Annual Delegates Meeting in Salzburg, Austria and which also marked the 60th Anniversary of IUCAB.
Unfortunately Philip Hallerfelt was unable to attend the presentation of the Award due to business travels. A thank you speech as a recorded video which will be made available on the IUCAB website shortly.

Philip Hallerfelt is a young commercial agent but already the recipient of International Awards in recognition of his ability to create new markets for his exclusive shoe brands in the Nordic countries.

IUCAB congratulates Philip Hallerfelt with his achievements and hopes that he will continue to serve as an example of excellence in the profession for the new generations entering into the profession.

Winner 2012

Mrs. Mo Hayward and Mr. Marc Pescheux
The French Agency Firm Repinco SARL was announced as the Winner of the 2012 George Hayward Award during the Annual Delegates Meeting 2012 of IUCAB earlier this year in Méry sûr Oise (France). Mr. Marc Pescheux, Managing Director of Repinco, proudly received the prestigious Award from Mrs. Mo Hayward from Cincinnati (OH) USA.

Repinco are specialists in the forge and foundry business and generally recognised for its skills and experience in the industry. They are a Member of the French Association APAC. The mission of Repinco is to promote and commercialise tailor made forge and foundry products and processes developed by their principals which include Marcora and Fondinox. The company was founded in 1981 and is headed by Mr. Pescheux since 2008 (

The George Hayward Award is a prestigious recognition of commercial agency firms which excel in the execution of an agency business and contribute to a continued increase of the services and the quality of the service provided by commercial agents. IUCAB congratulates Repinco and its CEO Mr. Pescheux with the company’s achievements.

Winner 2011

Mrs. Camilla Kock, Mrs. Mo Hayward, Olivier Mazoyer, Vice-Mayor of Marrakech
On the occasion of the IUCAB International Congress 2011 which took place in Marrakech on 3 June 2011, the George Hayward Award 2011 (IUCAB Commercial Agent of the Year) was presented to this year’s Winner the Swedish commercial agency firm NonStop Agenturer AB based in Stockholm.

The Award was presented to Mrs. Camilla Kock, Managing Director of NonStop Agenturer AB in the presence of Mrs. Mo Hayward and Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, President of the French IUCAB Member Association APAC which hosted this year’s Annual Delegates Meeting and International Congress of IUCAB.

NonStop Agenturer AB has demonstrated a very successful succession in the company, broadening the target group and realising a remarkable growth in sales ( Key success factors of the agency business of NonStop Agenturer AB are the constant focus on the customers, broadening the target groups of both endusers and retail stores and offering service to principals and customers on a 24/7 basis.

Winner 2010

Mo Hayward & Peter Massey
Peter Massey
Olivier Mazoyer, Kriton Phitidis, Mo Hayward & Peter Massey
The first IUCAB International Agent of the Year "George Hayward Award" was won by Mr. Peter Massey, Member of IUCAB’s UK Member Association MAA.

The Award was presented to Peter Massey by the wife of Mr. Hayward, Mrs. Mo Hayward. The presentation took place at this year’s IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting in Athens, Greece on 21 May 2010.

Mr. Massey started to trade as White Rose Agencies in the year 2000. His company has a well balanced spread of business between six Principals. White Rose Agencies aim to meet and exceed customer expectations. They are a family run business that understands the importance of service and reliability. Their synergistic selling approach coupled with their longstanding customer relationships offers their Principals many advantages and hidden opportunities that are not possible with employed sales representatives. They are passionate about sales and their association with professional manufacturers and quality products. Their vision is to become associated with growth markets e.g. energy saving, and as such a significant proportion of their turnover is now dedicated to this market sector in which they represent the largest energy saving lamb producer in the world.

Their motto is: "Do what the others don’t and get what the others won’t."